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Full Seat Breeches

Ask any dressage rider what items he includes in his equestrian gear and you'll find full seat breeches on his list. Full seat breeches are not only the best dressage breeches around, but are also the latest equestrian fashion, making them very popular for other competitions like jumping and racing as well.

Full seat breeches get their unusual name from the extra patch of fabric extending across the pant seat and down the back of the pant legs. This extra patch of fabric is meant to provide a more secure grip on the saddle. As such, it is typically made of "grippy" materials such as leather, synthetic suede or rubber. In dressage events, the rider must sit lower and deeper in his saddle for maximum stability. As such, full seat breaches are unusually well suited for dressage and are often considered the quintessential dressage breeches. Top brands such as Tuffrider manufacture full seat breeches with excellent breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities to help the rider stay comfortable. These full seat breeches also include several handy features such as reinforced seams and dual-layered fabric to make them more resistant to wear and tear. These features also account for the full seat breeches' tremendous popularity as dressage breeches.

Good equestrian gear is not only functional, but also possesses aesthetic appeal. There is little doubt that full seat breeches belong to this category of equestrian gear as they represent the height of equestrian fashion. Riding pants are generally very tight and can thus be very unflattering to those with chunkier physiques. With their leather seats, however, full seat breeches are capable of hiding body flaws such as overly broad hips or a flabby backside. They help to hide unsightly bulges and are flattering for all physiques. If you have a round and curvy figure, don a pair of full seat side zip breeches as this will draw attention away from the midsection. These are valuable tips from equestrian fashion experts, so do follow their advice! Whether you're looking for dressage breeches or simply multi-purpose riding pants, full seat breeches are a very viable option and you should get some as soon as possible.