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Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads

One Stop Equine Shop has a fantastic assortment of beautiful saddle pads. Choose from the more generous sized, straighter cut of a dressage pad, to the natural look of a Half Pad or Hunter Saddle Pad. Whether you are looking for an All Purpose Saddle Pad for daily exercise, or the perfect Show Pad to match your tendon boots and ear net, we have it all here for you!

Choosing a Saddle Pad that is right for you is easy when you see the best choices on the market in one place. Look through the options to see the style and colour you want, and take into account the size of your horse or pony, and the discipline you ride in. The Saddle Pad should fit the shape of the saddle you ride in; for instance, the dressage saddle pads are sometimes longer and deeper. This is perfect for the longer, more upright shape of a dressage saddle, but with the saddle flaps of a jumping saddle set ahead of the seat to allow the rider up and out of the saddle for jumping, the back of the jumping saddle will often hang over the back of a dressage saddle pad.

Many riders will use a half pad on top of a saddle pad for extra cushioning and a great look. Baby saddle pads are clean looking and light, which is great for those riders that put a fresh saddle pad on with every ride, or every couple of rides.

Whatever you like, and whatever you need for your horse, find it right here, at One Stop Equine Shop!