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equestrian underwear

Equestrian Underwear or Riding Underwear

Any professional equestrian sportsman will vouch for me when I say that it is attention to detail which separates the best from the rest. An amateur equestrian rider puts little thought into his choice of outfit or horse tack. A champion rider meticulously selects every piece of horseback riding gear and horse tack to ensure that he has the best possible chance of achieving victory. If you too want to exhibit the relentless attention to detail that characterizes an equestrian champion, you need to think hard about your choice of equestrian underwear.

Your equestrian underwear has a massive impact on your level of comfort during horse riding. It doesnít take a genius to know that a comfortable rider performs much better Ė youíll be better able to focus on controlling your horse if your riding underwear isnít pinching you in all your most sensitive places or soaked with sweat. Thus, any horse rider looking for good underwear should be mindful of the following two factors. First, your underwear must fit well. Whether its ladies or mens horse riding underwear, underwear that is too tight or too loose will severely restrict your freedom of movement. You may not notice it at first, but over long rides, the discomfort will gradually accumulate. Next, your underwear should wick moisture. Many of the top horseback riding gear manufacturers produce underwear made using Dri-Lex fabric. Such fabric provides unparalleled ventilation to your groin area and wicks sweat away from the skin to keep your skin cool, dry and comfortable. For best results, seek out equestrian underwear with anti-microbial properties. These will do wonders for your health over long and sweaty cross-country rides.

Riding underwear can also make a huge difference to your overall appearance during horse shows. Sporting the dreaded visible panty line, or VPL will definitely cause you to lose style points during competitions. Thatís why many female riders favor thong-style underwear for formal contests. Men, on the other hand, tend to opt for boxer-style mens horse riding underwear during competition to prevent the underwear from showing through their riding pants.

Choose your equestrian underwear carefully and youíll have laid the foundation for an attractive and comfortable equestrian outfit. Get your underwear from One Stop Equine Shop, the best online destination for horseback riding gear.

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