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Rain Gear  
Equestrian Rain Gear

Equestrian Rain Gear

Equestrian sportsmen are always in the great outdoors. While this provides us with a fantastic opportunity to take in some bracing fresh air, it also means having to deal with less-than-ideal weather every now and then. Fortunately, equestrian rain gear is easily found at most stores selling equine supplies. You should take time to familiarize yourself with the most important types of equestrian rain gear – equestrian rain coats and rain pants.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any rain clothes that offer better protection than equestrian rain cloats. Equestrian rain coats are noteworthy for their lightweight construction. Good riders can’t afford to get bogged down in heavy clothing, so lightweight rain clothes are preferred. Most equestrian rain coats are made out of a cotton and Lycra blend with an outer layer made from polyester. This polyester outer layer is very water-resistant, ensuring that any rain or snow that falls on the rain coat rolls right off. Gore Tex rain gear is another popular, albeit expensive option. Gore Tex rain gear is famed for offering excellent ventilation without compromising on insulation and water-resistance. However, the same benefits can be enjoyed at a lower price if you purchase equestrian rain coats that come with a mesh inner lining for better breathability. They represent a very viable and more economically-priced alternative to Gore Tex rain gear. When selecting equestrian rain gear, it is important that the item of clothing be completely watertight. Thus, select equestrian rain coats with fully covered zips and tight cuffs to prevent any rainwater from leaking into the coat.

Rain pants are another indispensable type of equestrian rain gear. They are typically worn over your existing riding pants and should not be considered a substitute for existing riding breeches. Like most rain clothes, rain pants are either seamless or come with sealed seams to make them watertight. Pull-on rain pants resembling sweatpants are common, as are side-zipping rain pants with a covered zipper.  The feature to look out for in rain pants is an elasticised waistband. This ensures that the waistband of the pants fits very tightly around your waist, preventing water from running into your pants. These rain clothes are the most important types of equestrian rain gear. They are easily one of the most important equine supplies in any rider’s arsenal, so head to your favourite equine supplies store and pick up some equestrian rain gear today. 

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